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What is a +500 bet?

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A +500 bet is a type of sports betting wager that is expressed in American odds format. In American odds, a “+” sign indicates the underdog in a particular sports betting contest, while a “-” sign indicates the favorite.

In the case of a +500 bet, the “+” sign indicates that the team or athlete is the underdog, and the number “500” represents the amount of potential profit a bettor could earn for every $100 wagered on that underdog. So, if a bettor placed a $100 wager on a +500 underdog and won, they would receive their initial $100 wager back plus $500 in profit.

It’s important to note that American odds can be a bit confusing at first, but they are a popular format for expressing sports betting odds in the United States. When considering a bet with positive odds, like a +500 bet, a higher number indicates a greater underdog, which means a larger potential payout but a lower likelihood of winning.

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