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Up-and-coming players to watch in the NBA

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The NBA has always been a league that values young talent, and in recent years, a new crop of young players has emerged, ready to make their mark on the league. These players possess the skill, athleticism, and potential to become the next generation of NBA superstars. Here are four up-and-coming players to watch.

  1. Zion Williamson: Since entering the league in 2019, Zion Williamson has been one of the most exciting young players to watch. The 6’6″ forward has a unique blend of size, speed, and power that allows him to dominate on the court. In his rookie season, he averaged 22.5 points and 6.3 rebounds per game, and he’s only getting better.
  2. Luka Doncic: Luka Doncic has quickly become one of the best players in the league, despite being only 22 years old. The Slovenian guard has a well-rounded game that includes excellent passing, shooting, and rebounding. In his second season, he averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game, and he’s poised to continue his rise to stardom.
  1. Trae Young: Trae Young is a dynamic point guard who has quickly established himself as one of the best young players in the league. Known for his excellent passing and shooting ability, Young averaged 25.3 points and 9.4 assists per game in the 2020-2021 season. With his skills and leadership, he’s quickly becoming the face of the Atlanta Hawks franchise.
  2. Ja Morant: Ja Morant is a young point guard who has already made a significant impact in the NBA. In his rookie season, he led the Memphis Grizzlies to the playoffs and was named the NBA Rookie of the Year. Morant has excellent court vision, athleticism, and scoring ability, and he’s poised to become one of the top point guards in the league.
  1. LaMelo Ball: LaMelo Ball, the third overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft, has quickly become a fan favorite with his flashy passing and scoring ability. Despite being only 19 years old, Ball is already a starting point guard for the Charlotte Hornets and has shown great potential in his first season, averaging 15.9 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game.
  2. Devin Booker: Devin Booker is a young shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns who has been steadily improving over the past few years. In the 2020-2021 season, Booker averaged 25.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game, leading the Suns to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1993. At only 25 years old, Booker has already established himself as one of the best shooting guards in the league.
  3. Jayson Tatum: Jayson Tatum is a versatile forward for the Boston Celtics who has already made two All-Star appearances in his young career. In the 2020-2021 season, he averaged 26.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game, leading the Celtics to the playoffs. With his smooth scoring ability and strong defense, Tatum has the potential to become one of the top players in the league.
  4. Anthony Edwards: Anthony Edwards, the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft, has shown flashes of brilliance in his rookie season with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The explosive shooting guard has put up impressive numbers, averaging 19.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. With his athleticism and scoring ability, Edwards has the potential to become one of the league’s top scorers in the coming years.

If You Have It, You Can Make Anything Look Good

These eight players are just a few of the many up-and-coming stars in the NBA. With the league constantly evolving and new talent emerging each season, it’s an exciting time for basketball fans to watch these young players develop into the future of the game.

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